EEVEE shadow catcher with reflections material


Get around the problem of EEVEE’s lack of shadows/reflection catcher, and finally get your models to be much more realistically integrated with your HDRI environment.  Also results in correct alpha channels for compositing over a different background in comp

See full description for example video (rendered in under 40 seconds!)


EEVEE is an amazing real time render engine, but one of it’s weaknesses is the lack of a shadow catcher and reflection catcher.  This is extremely important to make sure your 3d geometry can be realistically integrated over a hdri background, or to make sure you can save your renders with the necessary alpha channel so you can place them over a different background in comp whilst retaining the ground shadows and reflections.

The shadow catcher with reflections material addresses this by providing you with an extremely user friendly interface, with all the advanced inner workings hidden away.

Simply apply the material to your ground plane, add two nodes to the world, add your lights, and render!

Compatible with Blender 2.83.1 and tested successfully with 2.9 alpha.

A short tutorial on how it works can be found here:  using the 3d illusions advanced shadow catcher

The download includes two scenes, one which contains the material and world for linking or appending into your own .blend file, and the other is the below example file just for fun:



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